Annual Meditation During the Twelve Days of Christmas, 2022

Each year I spend some time each day after Christmas with my thoughts about the year that has just passed and to set the tone for the year about to unfold. This year I am modeling my effort on Augustine’s Confessions. That work is considered an autobiography. I’ve spent the last year realizing who I am. Each entry will be 300 words including an introduction written on Christmas. In order to move on to what is next, it might be important to write a brief biography to capture what I have learned, if not for a general audience, for myself.

Christmas, December 25: An Introduction

December 26: The First Day

December 27: The Second Day

December 28: The Third Day

December 29: The Fourth Day

December 30: The Fifth Day

December 31: The Sixth Day

January 1: New Year’s Day

January 2: The Eighth Day

January 3: The Ninth Day

January 4: The Tenth Day

January 5: The Eleventh Day

January 6: Epiphany