Twelve Days of Christmas: Meditations on Vocation, Volition, Knowledge, and Faith

Every year I set out to follow the 12 days of Christmas — Christmas Day through Epiphany — with a daily meditative writing exercise. This year I’ll post them here. This is one way I observe the Christmas holiday among others. I set a daily word goal. This year I’ll begin with this 100 word introduction and follow with daily entries of 300 words.

I’m also going to use this as a chance to work out ideas about the book of Jonah and vocation, volition, knowledge, and faith. As i consider the upcoming year, these are heavy on my mind.

December 25: Day One

December 26: Day Two

December 27: Day Three

December 28: Day Four

December 29: Day Five

December 30: Day Six

December 31: Day Seven

January 1: Day Eight

January 2: Day Nine

January 3: Day Ten

January 4: Day Eleven

January 5: Day Twelve

January 6: Epiphany