December 26: Day Two

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My recollection of Plato’s ontology is that everything we experience in the material world has a perfect form somewhere outside of it. That is, there is a dichotomous relationship between reality and perfection; what we are and experience is only a shadow of what’s perfect on the wall of a cave lit by a flickering fire.

Aristotle evolved this view. Each and every thing is drawn inexorably to seek to make itself as perfect as its form. Therefore we strive to be good; it is in our nature to yearn for perfection.

When I was 25 I was struggling with what job I wanted, what I should do. I realized that this was the wrong question. What do all the jobs I want have in common? More importantly, what drew me to those jobs? I wrote the answer on hotel stationary at the Carlton Hotel in San Francisco.


My calling is a hook inside me connected with a strong cable to something I can’t always see or understand and it pulls me toward goal. Lately I’ve felt myself saying things and wondering afterwards, “Why did I say that?” I am reminded of the calling of Jeremiah,

Behold, I have put my words in your mouth. See, I have appointed you today over nations and kingdoms to uproot and tear down, to destroy and overthrow, to build and plant.

Over time, what I do has changed, but not the why. Sometimes the cable unravels and goes slack. These times are frustrating yet are always inflection points; a shift in direction. That isn’t a bad thing but it makes me impatient.

I am encouraged that a tightening and then a pull in a new direction have followed periods of slackness in that line. Until then I keep trying.

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