The Creative Process: Some Detail

I figured you were wondering where this stuff comes from. The first two chapters of “the story” are consciously based on Book IV of the Aeneid, the classic by Virgil. Here’s a little piece with annotations. This shit takes time to line up, and I probably still have many mistakes in the work. However, I have found this to be “fun” as you might call it, whether you read it or not. I thought maybe you might appreciate a “fun size” version of the longer work. Enjoy!

The rain didn’t stop and neither did they until someone pounded on the wall next door. She laughed in his ear and whispered, “Let’s go to sleep.”

“Am I still your prisoner?” he asked.

“It’s a hotel,” she said. “You’re a guest. You can leave whenever you want.”

They slept for a while. He woke up and struggled to read the digital clock. It was 4:23. He found the hotel pen and notepad and wrote her a note.

You win. Call me later.

He hesitated and wrote another word he immediately regretted, but to cross it out and start over would be worse. The word, he thought, might cover the shame of his leaving her.