You Win (Again)

The character here keeps the conceit that what they’re doing is a game with a winner and a loser. He feels like a loser because he’s leaving. He concedes. In chapter one she says the evening is “a test.” When the get to the bar he plays, Hank Williams’ You Win Again.

This could have been a song Dido would have sung to Aeneas; her heart is broken, and he wins, taking off for Italy after leading her on. When Aeneas sees Dido in hell, he feels bad, and calls to her.

“Was I, alas, the cause of your death?” (Book VI, 458)

She’s still pissed off.

As Aeneas tries to explain himself, she “no more changes her countenance as he essays to speak than if she were set in hard flint or Marpesian rock” (Book VI, 472).

In “the story,” our Dido is far less willing to put up with being taken advantage of, although in Miss Jones, one can see how her countenance can soften.