The Trip (Part III)


The Discovery Expedition left Saint Louis, May 14, 1804 and arrived at the Pacific one year, six months, and one day later, November 15, 1805.

I covered the distance in three days

The Map

Although I didn’t stop at any sites along the way, the Expedition was on my mind throughout, and I listened to the Ken Burns documentary.

Sunset on the Prairie

There were 45 members of the expedition, and most melted into obscurity after their return. Perhaps their reserve had something to do with their success.

Near Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Tremendious Mountanes

Instead of a Northwest Passage at the headwaters of the Missouri, the Expedition found “tremendious mountanes” in the distance, standing between them and the Pacific.

Approaching Bozeman


In Bozeman I met two engineers, one writes software for security systems and the other builds them. Their practical view of the world was refreshing.

Show and tell


From reading the journals, a positive attitude in the face of disappointment was as important to survival as anything they did or carried with them.

My next stop was Missoula

Traveler’s Rest

I visited Greg Butler’s magical place along the Clark Fork. We agreed the country is troubled. Will we stop being afraid of the other side?

Fear is what leads to anger

10,000 Miles

Just before crossing into Idaho at Lookout Pass, Camilla turned over 10,000 with me. We started with 1,459 when I picked her up in September.

The Expedition covered about 8,000 miles total

Goodbye for Now, Camilla

“Her speed left even the winds behind; for she would skim an untouched harvest ere the sickle fell, nor graze the quivering wheat-tops as she ran.”

Named for Camilla, from Book VII of the Aeneid


Geoff and Lori hosted a beer tasting with some Thai food. Familiarity and rest is good, but I miss the daily discovery of the road.

Spoils of the road

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