“That’s bullshit,” she said.

For too long popular culture has taken Homer over Virgil. It’s understandable. But this is my corrective. A reader doesn’t need to know that the story is structured on Book IV of the Aeneid, the story of Aeneas journey from fallen Troy to establish Rome. I won’t go into that whole story here, except to say that there is a love story; on his way to founding Rome, Aeneas gets together with Dido. Dido is favored by the god Juno who still resents Paris’ choice of Venus over her for the title of the Most Beautiful Girl in the World. Aeneas is the son of Venus. So when Virgil begins his poem with, “Musa, mihi causas memora,” or Muse, tell me the cause of why Juno is so pissed off? The story starts with our Dido and our Aeneas meeting in an academic setting. She starts the fight, as does Juno.