July 23rd and 24th: Seattle to London

On the flight I read a concise history of the Anglo Saxons and arrived early the next morning. I tried to get a seat to see Prime Minister’s question time at the House of Commons. In spite of calls and going to the door to ask, there were no tickets. Teresa May would be announcing her resignation in the House at about 1PM.

Instead, I found my hotel dropped off my things and set out to pick up my rental bike. The bike shop was in the Southwark area by the Shard building and was a bit of challenge to find. I found it and debated riding directly to Number 10 to watch the transition of power from May to Boris Johnson. I decided to drop off the bike at the hotel and head over to Number 10 without it.

When I arrived there must have been a dozen or so people waiting. It was hot and I was tired, but I decided I’d wait it out. Like a cloud, people began for form up around the entrance. Soon, barricades went up, and I was right up against one, feet away from the huge gate.

I could see Teresa May’s blue dress in the distance announcing her resignation to the press. And then the big gates opened up and her motorcade sped through on her way to Buckingham Palace. Another hour must have passed when Johnson’s motorcade sped around the corner the closed up behind the big gates. There was arguing about the European Community in the crowd as we watched Johnson’s progress back from the palace on our phones.

I wanted pasta to fuel my ride to Cambridge in the morning, but couldn’t get into the much-touted Padella so I settled for another spot.