It is both personal and intellectual. It is hiding Easter eggs. The intention was to create a nagging sense that, “Wait a minute, I think she mentioned something about a screed door before.” If the book was being held in hand, I’d like to see a reader flipping back and forth trying to place something. The story is supposed to be a journey, a Bildungsroman, a pilgrimage (hence the Aeneas and Dante connection) and I want there to be a sense of emerging meaning rather than it being served up whole. I think of how annoying the Odyssey was to me as a teen ager: “C’mon, just go home already!” but how magical it was; Penelope weaving and unraveling her tapestry.

The other is personal. Am I worth pursuing? Will you follow me? As with most people attempting creative production, I would guess there is some personal crisis at work. This is mine, wanting to be seen, yet not sure whether I want the responsibility of being seen. I feel like an “LOL” is needed here. LOL.