On The Revolution

The United States, the country where I was born, had achieved in my life an apex of power unrivaled since the British Empire at its height and likely that of the Roman Empire at its height. But the country has been in decline and growing disarray for some time. America, as a country and a concept, seemed to reach its plateau when arrayed against an implacable foreign foe, an outside force that pressed in upon our national and local differences, fused us into an amalgam of uneasy agreement, bound us together like fascia. But that word and that idea, binding together, part of our national history, consciousness, and symbolism, is breaking apart like an old footballers knee.

I am profoundly blessed with obscurity. What you’ll find on this page is reflections on the winding down of a very conservative revolution begun in the 1770s in North America, of rather small note in the rise of the one of the greatest empires of its time, the United Kingdom. Exceptionalism is generally an indicator, I think, of a nations immaturity, it’s lack of perspective. Nobody cares what I think, especially you reading this. So this is more of an exercise in putting my own thoughts together.

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