July 28th: Lincoln to Doncaster

The launderettes in Lincoln were closed when I arrived on Saturday, so Sunday morning I had a bag of soaking wet clothes. I also wanted to go to church at the cathedral, and see a copy of Magna Carta. Later I realized all three of these things – the launderette, the Magna Carta, and the Cathedral – were all within yards of each other.

I went to church first, catching choir practice. Then I saw Magna Carta. Then, I went collected my stuff at the hotel, then went to the launderette. The launderette was across the street from the castle; it’s called “Castle” launderette! Going down the hill to the hotel and back up the hill was unnecessary.

These amusing logistical shenanigans continued. I decided to train to Doncaster, part of the contingency for the time to get to and spend in Lincoln. My credit card got jammed in the ticket machine. I was about to abandon it when a staff person emerged with pliers and yanked it out. It still has a huge gash that always gets comments.

And the promise of easily getting on and off the train with a bike was false. It’s a hassle. After easily getting on in Lincoln but almost missing a connection – I said I was going to Dorchester instead of Doncaster when conductors asked me – I could not get the bike attached to the hook on the wall. I got kicked off the train and had to wait for the next one.

At no point was I upset by any of this; all my clothes were washed and dried, I had gone to church in an ancient cathedral, and had seen Magna Carta. I knew where I was going, I knew how to get there, and I was where I wanted to be.