I Am Not A Writer


I am not a writer. I have never felt comfortable with that designation. A poster of blogs. A commenter. A presenter. A panelist. A contributor. All those are fine. But “writer” seems to carry with it a proficiency and dedication that I don’t have and have not cultivated.

Riding in a car doesn’t mean you can fix one. Flying in a plane doesn’t mean you can land one. I think you get the idea.

Nevertheless, I have found myself trying to tell a story or stories that might connect into a story.

You are a professional and I am hoping you might consider reviewing about 150 or so pages I have written of what I call autobiographical fiction. My hope is that you’ll tell me,

  • Is what I have put together worth developing and improving,
  • If it is, where should I go with it,
  • Would you be willing, if it makes sense, to advise about placement; and
  • If it it’s way off, could you edit (grammar, continuity etc.) it anyway for my own use and satisfaction

I would need help with all the basics of storytelling but also for this story any familiarity with or ability to find resources in Spanglish and anthropology would be helpful.

Finding out what I have written sucks won’t detract from the pleasure I have had from creating it. Nor will hearing the truth mean I won’t pay you.

I found you on the Hugo House page and I’d be interested in getting your reaction and to find out what your process is for deciding who you would work with.

The fact that I would be paying you makes me feel confident in presenting this request. I’m willing to pay for your time which I know is valuable. You are a professional and I consider this a lot like going to the dentist or lawyer; I have a question or problem or issue and maybe you can help resolve it.

Thank you for considering a response.