Eye Tunes Countdown: #9 Shake It Off

Taylor Swift is a genius. If I had twice the staff, tech support, and backing as she has I couldn’t produce a cultural fart. This woman has talent and not just as a singer and performer but also as an entertainer. The wit in this is right there with Carol Burnett. Think about that for a second. Carol fucking Burnett. Beautiful. Funny. Sensitive.

Fuck sexy. Are you funny? You are funny! God you’re sexy!

Why did this song rack up 213 listens? Well, it was probably around 2016 a pretty bad year all around and I think I may used it while I was running. But I think the message of the song stuck with me. I couldn’t let it go at the time. Shake it off! So here it is at number 9, Shake it off, baby!