The scene is a cafe and bar. There is a table front and center. A woman, with dark reddish hair piled on her head sits, stirring a drink. Around her are other tables. Televisions are playing the evening news. People come and go, some in costume since it is Halloween. The bartender serves drinks in the background. 

George Bush on the television: “Anytime an American citizen is held against his or her will of course a President is concerned.”

Bartender: I love that. Spock. I love Star Wars! Kidding. 

Customer: Funny. Just a Cape Cod and a Budweiser please. 

George Bush on the television: “and that gets through to Saddam Hussein. Clearly he sees that his continued isolation, clearly he feels the condemnation of the entire world of this kind of inhumane activity…”

A man walks in and looks around. He sees her and quickly walks toward her. He stops like he’s going to hug or kiss her but stops. Then sits down. 

Man: Hey, sorry I’m a little late…

Woman: You’re late. Size doesn’t matter for once. 

Man: Jesus. C’mon. Start in on me like that. 

There’s a pause. 

Man: How about a refill? What is it? 

Woman: Double vodka, straight. 

Man: Hold on. Should you be….?

Woman: Are you an idiot? Water. More water. 

The man shakes his head and goes to the bar. He returns with a can and a glass of water. There’s a silence. 

Man: It’s Halloween. What are you? 

Woman: I’m pregnant, motherfucker. 

Man (shaking head): Look, I’m here, for fuck’s sake. (Leaning forward). What do you want from me. How do I know you’re pregnant? 

She throws the water in her first glass in his face.  He makes the sign of the cross. 

Woman: I’d kill you but it’s not satisfying enough just to do it once. 

Man: Let’s start over. 

He reaches his hands across the table. 

Woman: I don’t even know you. I know I hate you, but that’s it. 

Man: Jesus, let’s deal with this. Let’s figure out what we’re gonna do here. 

Woman: We? You mean me and this thing inside me? You can’t mean me and you? 

He puts his hands up and sighs, takes off his glasses, and uses his shirt to dab his face dry. Then he dries his glasses. He looks up through them in the light. 

Man: What do you want to do? What do you want me to do? 

Woman: I’m having her? 

Man: Her? Her? Ok. Ok. Ok. Yes. I support that. Yes. Me too. That’s what I want. Yes. Yes. 

He’s agitated. But he calms down. They look at each other. 

Man: I mean, it’s your body. And I don’t mean that like that. I mean — fuck.  Goddamnit. I respect you. But I’m part of this. 

She lets him twist for awhile. 

Woman: Tell me who you are. Where did you come from? 

Man: I’m from New Mexico…

She sits up straight in her chair. 

Man: …Albuquerque. That’s where I’m from. And I went ..:

Woman: Stop. Stop. You talked about growing up in the southwest but New Mexico?

Man: Yes. Is that a problem? Are you into UFOs or something. 

Woman: Fuck you! I spent a summer there. 

Man: Yeah? When? You’re from one of those square states, right. 

She moves for the second glass of water. He looks at the glass, then her. She smiles. 

Woman: God I hate you. Kansas. I’m from Kansas. But I have family — my family is from New Mexico. 

Man: Goddam! Really. Jesus Christ. Like where? That’s weird? You’re not Hispanic are you?

Woman: My family is from Chimayo. 

He stops. He pulls the can from the table and toward him. But he’s stunned. 

Man: Cmon! Are you fucking around with me. Cut it out! That’s a small fucking town. Everyone is related there. 

Woman: What’s your point? 

Man: My mom is from Chimayo. My dad is from Española. That’s too weird to be real. 

Woman: My mom was from Chimayo. I never knew her. My dad took me away, remarried. I thought my mom was his new wife. 

Man: What was your mom’s name? 

Woman: Florence.

Man: Can we just stop for a minute? 

He takes a big drink from the can. He puts it down. 

Man: Are you, well, fucking with me. Because I feel like I’m hallucinating. That’s my aunts name. My mom’s sister who died in the 60s. That’s her name. 

They both stop. The needle has come off the record. There is a sound of cicadas.

Reporter on the television: “But what about the diplomats are you going to keep them there now that the United Nations has given you a..”

George Bush on the television: “Well, I think we have to look at that.”

Woman: I’m scanning the fucking tree right now…

Man: Fuck. Me too. 

They’re both quiet. Their minds are moving. 

Man: My grandma’s house is adobe. It’s off the highway. 

Woman: I know it. There’s an apple tree. 

Man: You remember her? 

Woman: I know that place. 

Man: I believe you. But that means…

Woman: Yeah. If our Mom’s were sisters…

A big group of partiers in costumes bursts into the bar. They sit staring down at the table. The party orders drinks. 

Woman:  We’re fucking cousins. 

They make eye contact. A voice over begins. 

Woman’s voice with a New Mexico accent: “They told her that the lady that he married was her mom. But she wasn’t. And so she didn’t know until she later that Florence was her mom.”

Man’s voice with a New Mexico accent: “You have so many cousins. More than my fingers can count — even my toes. (Laughter)”

Man: Jesus. What do…can I say “we” now? 

Woman: Yeah. You can say “we.”  We’re as fucking “we” as it gets. 

They laugh. They reach across the table and hold hands. 

Man: We went too fast. I mean, I fell in love with you before I knew who you were. Now what? 

Woman: You’re still an asshole. 

Man: I know. And I’m still in love with you.