An Experiment

If you’re here it’s because you’ve been invited. Nobody is shoving their neighbor out of the way to read my stories. So thank you for coming.

This is an endeavor with a specific purpose. Years ago, I read a Hemingway short story every day and posted on Facebook about the story. Then I tried to write like Hemingway. This wasn’t about vanity but I had always wanted to write evocatively about my experiences. I always failed. I either got too descriptive or just bored. Writing fiction is a lot harder than writing about the outrages of reality. Like him or not, Hemingway could take a walk, write about it, and make me cry in 500 words.

First, I need your help in telling me if these are in anyway satisfying. There are interesting experiences. There are interesting stories. There is a difference. A bad story teller can make the most intense experience sound boring, and, conversely, a great story teller can make the most mundane thing exciting. These things I have created may fall in any of those categories, a badly told story about something important or a well told story about something boring. What do you think?

Second, these are very rough little gems to me. So they are full of errors and typos and all sorts of irregularities. Can you see a thread here? Do these things start to tell you a story? Do they help you get to know me better? Is there something here that draws you in and makes you want more?

Third, and last, this is part of my process. I love these even if you don’t. Some of these stories have been in my head for years. They needed out. It’s catharsis, a pouring out. That one about my grandma walking up the street and knocking on the door, that’s out! Even if these are just crap, they make me happy. So putting them out into the world might be a bit like an act of psychic digestion. Excuse me. But each one has felt as good as any physical build up and release.

All comments and criticisms are welcome and encouraged. Or just look out the window with your mouth open. Thank you!

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